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JOHN F KENNEDY never declared war nor had war declared against his country during his presidency. The title of Lawrence Freedman's thorough and sensible survey of Kennedy's foreign policy is intentionally misleading. The crises in Berlin, Cuba and South-east Asia he calls wars In reality, the Cold War is getting colder and colder, into the depths of the North Pole, and The reason why the Reds were a match for the West for so long was because of the Stalinist lines upon So a war named after the fact that nothing much really happened had a disappointing finish? no way

To understand why the Cold War started, it is necessary to understand where communism in Russia came from, as it was the During World War Two, something unusual happened. After Hitler started to invade USSR-controlled territories, the Soviet Union joined forces with Britain - traditionally its political.. NATO's transformation after the Cold War from 1989 to the present. Video lecture by Jamie Shea, Deputy Assistant Secretary General for External So today I'd like to try to explain how this rather paradoxical phenomenon happened, and how NATO transformed itself after 1989, and what some of.. The Cold War was about a confrontation between two countries that each aspired to maintain hegemony over the entire planet. The United States, on the other hand, has not changed its attitude. And that, ultimately, is why the Cold War never died

This was the first hot war of the Cold War, and in it the United States demonstrated its continued commitment to containment (the idea that the US It is impossible for us to know with certainty what would have happened. Perhaps all of Korea would have gone communist, but then perhaps later they.. What happens when I pre-order? Why is an eBook better than a PDF? A PDF is a digital representation of the print book, so while it can be loaded into most e-reader programs, it doesn't allow for resizable National Research Council. 2000. International Conflict Resolution After the Cold War

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Cold War, the open yet restricted rivalry that developed after World War II between the United States and the Soviet Union and their respective allies. The Cold War began after the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945, when the uneasy alliance between the United States and Great Britain on the one.. In particular, American officials encouraged the development of atomic weapons like the ones that had ended World War II. Thus began a deadly “arms race.” In 1949, the Soviets tested an atom bomb of their own. In response, President Truman announced that the United States would build an even more destructive atomic weapon: the hydrogen bomb, or “superbomb.” Stalin followed suit. Op-ed: Why the world is closer than ever to Doomsday. Read the urgent call for action from the Bulletin's executive chair and former Governor of California Jerry Brown, Governing Board chair and former US Secretary of Defense William Perry, and former President of Ireland Mary Robinson and.. During the Cold War, nuclear conflict felt imminent, and it seemed impossible that anything could change. The Cold War's end has a lot to teach us about how we can end hostile conflict in a peaceful way — and why luck sometimes matters more than you might think

The Cold War started to develop after the Second World War when the USA and the USSR no longer had a common goal of Hitler's Nazism. As soon as Cold War was instigated, the differences in ideology and other factors worsened the relationship between the USA and the USSR Why sign up? The Cold War refers to the period between the end of the Second World War and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, during which the world was largely divided into two ideological camps — the United States-led capitalist West and the Soviet-dominated communist East Who discovered America? Why was the Civil War fought? And who killed Abraham Lincoln? History states that the defeat of the Southern States by the Union Territories during the Civil War led to the cold-blooded murder of Lincoln (who was the commander of the Union Army) Cold war definition is - a conflict over ideological differences carried on by methods short of sustained overt military action and usually without breaking off diplomatic relations; specifically, often the era of the Cold War the cold war between the party's more liberal and conservative members

..the end of the cold war and subsequent collapse of the Soviet system were results of its internal ground, in the absence of documentary evidence it was not entirely clear why the Soviet Union paid so much This, however, did not happen and the Soviet had not made any significant adjustments of its.. The Cold War, a hostile rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union, lasted from the late 1940s until The Cold War defined both countries' foreign policies through the second half of the 20th century. How did one-time allies turn so quickly into mortal enemies? What would happen if the.. Churchill and the Cold War: Why did Churchill make his famous 'Iron Curtain' speech in 1946? At the end of the Second World War the Soviet army controlled much of Eastern Europe and eastern Germany. 5. What is happening in Germany that is a problem? 6. How can the world be kept safe $\begingroup$ Why would the soviets launch its first assault on Narvik? Well, if such an attack would happen, it was planned to use limited nuke strikes first, then rush with tanks, so This is owing to his view that since the end of the Second World War, Soviet military capacity had declined from a zenith..

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  1. The Close of the Cold WarAlmost as soon as he took office, President Richard Nixon (1913-1994) began to implement a new approach to international relations. Instead of viewing the world as a hostile, “bi-polar” place, he suggested, why not use diplomacy instead of military action to create more poles? To that end, he encouraged the United Nations to recognize the communist Chinese government and, after a trip there in 1972, began to establish diplomatic relations with Beijing. At the same time, he adopted a policy of “détente”–”relaxation”–toward the Soviet Union. In 1972, he and Soviet premier Leonid Brezhnev (1906-1982) signed the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT I), which prohibited the manufacture of nuclear missiles by both sides and took a step toward reducing the decades-old threat of nuclear war.
  2. The Cold War wasn't about major battles between the Soviet Army and Western Allies' troops on any battlefield. This was a hidden war between special services Read why this didn't end up happening. The Cuban Missile Crisis wasn't the only episode, when the nuclear nightmare could be launched
  3. People look at photos on the We have won! memorial panel in Stavropol, Russia May 5, 2015. The panel shows the famous Soviet picture Flag above the Reichstag made from 4,222 portraits of defenders of their Motherland during the World War II from Stavropol, local media reported
  4. The Cold War was more or less ofÀcially launched in a speech given by Winston Churchill in Fulton Once one knew that, one could explain why X or Y or Z had happened. This narrative is in my view The so-called Cold War ended, according to all accounts, in 1991. But it didn't end in the same way..

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The Cold War brought us many things and it needed to happen so we could progress as humans. The Cold War happened due to a combination of factors. The central factor was a disagreement between the Soviet Union and the Western Allies over a final postwar peace settlement for Germany Some Possible Causes for the Cold War. Although The U.S. and Soviet Union were allies during WWII, there were many tensions early on and once the common threat of Germany and Japan were removed, it was only a matter of time for the shaky relationship to fall apart Escalating his attacks on China towards a new cold war would be a lose-lose of gargantuan proportions. Efforts to quantify the costs of the trade war Here is the fundamental difference between America's cold war with the Soviet Union and its conflict with China today: The Soviet economy was.. It also greatly describes what's going on in the argument's presentation of the Cold War in explaining why the situation would have happened - that I think calling them allies during wartime (even Cold War time) leads to a reasonable inference of a common enemy. Otherwise I don't know why their.. In 1955, The United States and other members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) made West Germany a member of NATO and permitted it to remilitarize. The Soviets responded with the Warsaw Pact, a mutual defense organization between the Soviet Union, Albania, Poland, Romania, Hungary, East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria that set up a unified military command under Marshal Ivan S. Konev of the Soviet Union.

Why did the U.S. go to war in Vietnam? This is a question historians continue to debate. In the context of the Cold War power struggle, and in the context of U.S. efforts to court The changing conditions of the context surrounding Vietnam made what happened there seem less strategically.. The Cold War was a period of geopolitical tension between the Soviet Union and the United States and their respective allies, the Eastern Bloc and the Western Bloc, after World War II The Cold War led to several shooting wars and conflicts. Huge military build-ups combined with failed diplomacy between the superpowers made the situation worse. Question 16. Give any two reasons why the smaller states in alliances in the Cold War era, used the link to the superpowers Introduction: Cold War Timeline Students start the topic with an introduction to what the Cold War was, and then they conduct their own research to In other words, because we are only gathering evidence to explain why it happened, there is a danger that we end up thinking that the event was inevitable The Cold War Erupts. Prime Minister Churchill, President Roosevelt, and Premier Stalin meet at Yalta to discuss post-war Europe. It was at both the Yalta and Dumbarton Oaks conferences that the framework for the United Nations was devised

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The Cold War: why did it happen, who was involved, and what was the outcome? 5 Educator Answers. The only thing that prevented the Cold War by 1943 was our alliance against Nazi Germany. Once the war was over, there was little reason for us to be friends, and a mutual nuclear.. The Soviet Union and the West didn't directly fight against each other in the Cold War, even though they were dangerously close to doing so. If they did, then it would have been a hot war. But there were various other ways in which they actively fought You've heard of the Cuban missile crisis, the Bay of Pigs invasion, and Vietnam. Here are 5 moments of the '60s Cold War that you might not know Was the early Cold War different from the later Cold War? Did we fall into patterns of stability and so forth or out of them? So, Jeremi, why don't we start with you. SURI: Sure. So, I agree with your proposition, Gideon. First, that the Cold War was a period of relative stability if we think of the periods..

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· Cold War. o Operated strictly with this. o Western nations allied with the US. · Cold War Liberalism. o Truman portrayed himself as a fighter against all challengers. § Wanted to enlarge the New Deal. · Settled on a modest agenda to promote social welfare and an anti-Communist policy But during the Cold War, the U.S. government wanted a way to fly over what was then the Soviet Union without being detected or shot down. In fact, the U.S. had been flying spy planes into the USSR as early as the 1940s, according to Gregory Pedlow and Donald Walzenbach, authors of The Central.. The Cold War began in Europe after World War II. The Soviet Union won control of Eastern Europe. REVIEW What was the Berlin Airlift just before the Cold War began? Circle the paragraph that tells how the United States, Britain, and France helped people in West Berlin

These two new superpowers were still nominally allies, having struggled together to overcome the terrible might of Nazi Germany. However, even as early as 1945, the seeds of future conflict had been sown. In this list we'll look at 10 reasons why the Cold War began in 1945. 10. The Death of Franklin.. Other international disputes followed. In the early 1960s, President Kennedy faced a number of troubling situations in his own hemisphere. The Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 and the Cuban missile crisis the following year seemed to prove that the real communist threat now lay in the unstable, postcolonial “Third World.” 5 Cold War Close Calls1. Another U-2 Spy Plane Incident On October 27, 1962, just as the Cuban Missile Crisis was reaching its boiling point, an American U-2 spy plane took off from Alaska en route to a routine reconnaissance mission near the North Pole. Pilot Charles Maultsby was supposed to use ...read more

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The post-Cold War agenda for peace also involved the reorganization of military forces, where the deviation from the Clausewitzian concept of war was obvious in the attempt to ameliorate and contain, rather than destroy or simply conquer (Smith, 2006). Examples of such wars of containment are the.. If in the West the Red Army is largely absent from World War II, the Soviet Union's responsibility for igniting the war is omnipresent. The MSM and western politicians tend to regard the Nazi invasion of the USSR in June 1941 as the Soviet Union's just reward for the 1939 Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact Exiles. I can't say I really feel at home anywhere. I was born in a city, but I hate cities_ I love mountains, but I have A22 never lived in a mountain country: my home is a flat agricultural area in the south of England which I find boring. I don't have much in A23 common with the local people there, and my.. 48 pages : 25 cm. Includes firsthand speeches, letters, diary entries, and other primary source materials that give the reasons these unforgettable events unfolded as they did, this book describes what caused the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union The Cold War was called cold because of the lack of actual fighting, but this is inaccurate. Stan, why did you turn the globe to the green parts of not-America? I mean I guess to be fair, we were But yeah, no, nothing like that ever happened. It's not like that happened in Iran, or Nicaragua, or Argentina, or..

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Why St. Joseph kept the Holy Family in isolation. Reagan's straightforward definition of an acceptable end to the Cold War — We win, they lose Ronald Reagan understood, better than many churchmen, that the Cold War could be won on acceptable terms, rather than merely managed 2004. Why Do Some Civil Wars Last So Much Longer Than Others? Journal of Peace Research 41 (3) The Superpower Quest for Empire: The Cold War and Soviet Support for 'Wars of National Lebow, Richard Ned. 1994. The Long Peace, the End of the Cold War, and the Failure of Realism The Cold War was the continuing state of conflict, tension, and competition that existed after World War II. On one side were the Soviet Union and its satellites, and on the other were the powers of the Western world under the leadership of the United States. The Cold War began in the.. Just look at what has happened since the end of the old Cold War. The Warsaw Pact was wound up, but NATO began a Drang nach Osten. Today, as we mark Victory Day, there are 27 million reasons why we should reject the pernicious revisionism doing the rounds, and instead pay tribute to all those..

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  1. During the Cold War, millions listened to the BBC behind the Iron Curtain, in their quest for news about things that their own state radio stations refused to mention. Throughout the world, even today, people listen to the BBC World Service as a reliable and honest source of news
  2. The Cold War was the geopolitical, ideological, and economic struggle between two world superpowers, the USA and the USSR, that started in 1947 at the end of the Second World War and lasted until the dissolution of the Soviet Union on December 26, 1991
  3. The Cold War's impact on the world was huge. This is the story in reasonably short form. There are three approaches among political scientists regarding the Cold War, which can be surmised thusly. They also overlap with the views of the Soviet Union, informed and otherwise - most English-language..
  4. To understand why the Cold War era was such a dangerous time for both sides, you have to look back to its causes. During the war, the Soviet Union and the nations of the West had cooperated to defeat Nazi Germany. By 1945, however, the wartime alliance was crumbling
  5. The Cold War was the tense relationship between the United States (and its allies), and the Soviet Union (the USSR and its allies) between the end of World War II and the fall of the Soviet Union. It is called the Cold War because the US and the USSR never actually fought each other directly
  6. 3.What did George Washington do during the Revolutionary War?4.Why did people respect him Lincoln?10.Who gave Lincoln an idea to become a lawyer?11.What was happening in the country at the time when Lincoln was President?12.What great event in the US history happened in 1865
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  2. The Cold War and increased tensions may actually have prolonged the existence of Communism in the Soviet Union. 3. Gorbachev's reforms opened a door that could not be closed. The Soviet people now clamored for revolutionary change, not the slow evolutionary change advocated by Gorbachev
  3. Adumbrations of another Cold War were amply apparent in President Bill Clinton's approach to post-Soviet Russia in the 1990s, well before Putin came to power. Clinton took a decorative public approach to Russia under President Boris Yeltsin, lauding him as America's partner and friend

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Cold War - video game - happened in 2005. The cold war was a Mental War; if it hadn't been, it would have been a real shooting hot war. The mental anquish during the cold war consisted of not knowing when the Mushroom Clouds would appear A World War II and Vietnam War vet who had commanded ships in the heat of the battle I think finding this information turned out to be the thing that let the Cold War end. But in 1980, a But, even though this type of surveillance may be old fashioned, Reed thinks it's possibly still happening today

Are you sure you want to remove <b>Why did the Cold War happen?</strong> from your list? and other primary source materials that give the reasons these unforgettable events unfolded as they did, this book describes what caused the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union After World War II, Cousteau began his life's work onboard the research ship Calypso. He worked with divers and scientists to photograph and gather samples of underwater plants and animals FACT CHECK: We strive for accuracy and fairness. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! HISTORY reviews and updates its content regularly to ensure it is complete and accurate. Why is 2019 such a dangerous year? Scientists have warned that a nuclear war between the US and Russia could plunge the Earth into a 10-year winter. Experts believe the Baltic States, Ukraine and Syria are danger zones in a world more unpredictable than during the Cold War. This is because of.. The Cold War ended when Mikhail Gorbachev became the leader of the Soviet Union. After taking control of the country in 1985, he set about reforming governmental policies. The dismantling of the Berlin Wall in 1989 is often viewed as the symbolic end of the Cold War

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To be sure, no one will miss such by-products of the Cold War as the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. No one will want to replay the U-2 affair, the Cuban missile crisis, or the We may, however, wake up one day lamenting the loss of the order that the Cold War gave to the anarchy of international relations The Cold War was a war of avoidance, not combat. (It didn't always work; i.e., Korea, Vietnam, Grenada) Defense systems were heavily funded as The Cold War was significant because it greatly affected the history of the twentieth century, and continues to do so today. It shaped the world we live..

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The Cold War became a dominant influence on many aspects of American society for much of the second half of the 20th century. It escalated due to antagonist values between the United States, representing capitalism and democracy, and the Soviet Union, representing communism and.. Why the people rushing to get life insurance now are doing a smart thing. He also says the coronavirus will accelerate the emergence of a new Cold War between China and the U.S. Mr. Ferguson was in conversation with Rudyard Griffiths from the Munk Debates Cold War Rivals: Cuba and the United States. The fear of communism spread throughout the United States during the Cold War and this led to unfair treatment of American citizens. Why did Aldrich Ames, former C.I.A. agent, betray his country to spy for the K.G.B. The Cold War as a system of states ended on a cold and gray December day in Moscow in 1991 Why did so many people believe in ideologies that they, at other times, would have realized could not The Cold War shows what can happen when such notions get perverted for the sake of power.. We can now say without equivocation that this was Hitler's war, say historians. But could more intelligent diplomacy on Britain's part have saved Europe from a devastating conflict? Laurence Rees examines the evidence and what caused the Second World War

The Second World War had an influence on everything that happened in the country. The Cold War brought with it a reduction in both the metro's budget and extravagance. The Cold War stations, located a little bit further from the centre, can be recognised immediately: they all look almost the same, with a.. Just as the Cold War resulted in the Liberal Party betraying some of the ideals it claimed to support, so it was for the Labor Party. In 1972, Australia elected Labor leader Gough Whitlam and many Communists perhaps believed that their time was coming The Cold War itself begins since 1945-1991. During the periods of the Cold War, we often find Security Dilemma word. That's why there some That's why the United States and Soviet Union becomes an enemy. As Gordon S. Barras said that Cold War happened because a toxic mix of..

B. International politics after the Cold War: a more complex game with more players. At the end of the eighties, the classical bipolar scheme that had dominated international politics since the Second World War disappeared. Perestroika and the Soviet Union's economic failure led to its disappearance The words 'World War 3' trended on social media worldwide as tension rose over Turkey shooting down a Russian jet over its airspace. An app by Alex Wellerstein at the Stevens Institute of Technology, Nuke Map, shows what could happen if the largest Soviet hydrogen bomb ever detonated was.. The Cold War International History Project, Woodrow Wilson Center. Letter to the President from Senator Kenneth McKellar outlining 20 reasons why the United States should not release to any nation the formula for making an atomic bomb, September 27, 1945

The Cold War was on the brink of ending and American geopolitical might seemed assured. At the height of the Cold War, it was generally agreed that having any form of Communist government But hey, why stop at film when there's literature, too? One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich may have.. War shaped our world today. Later in the program we'll speak with two members of the Senate Judiciary Committee about this week's hearings on warrantless wiretaps, but first, the Cold War. If you have questions about what happened and why, our number here in Washington is 800-989-8255, that's.. The US withdrawal from a Cold War intermediate nuclear missile pact raises fears of a new arms race. That happened after US President George W Bush, in 2002, pulled the US out of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, which banned weapons designed to counter ballistic nuclear missiles

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  1. The Cold War was a prolonged period of geopolitical conflict between the United States (and her allies) and the Soviet Union (and her allies). It was called a cold war because the two sides never directly engaged in war with each other, instead using diplomacy, deterrence, money, ideology, subversion..
  2. The war was fought between two groups of powers: the alliance of the British Commonwealth*, the United States, the Soviet Union*, China, and the governments-in-exile of France, Poland, and other occupied European countries, collectively known as the Allies* (later, the United Nations..
  3. policy Cold War policy of containment. 9 FDR believed the Nazi Germany to be more expansionist that the SU Believed that a weakened post-war SU could be 12 Describe 2 Long Term Causes of the Cold War (Bolshevik Revolution, Great Contest, George Kennan & US Division of Russian Affairs, etc.
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Why Did The Cold War Happ... has been added to your Cart. Why Did The Cold War Happen? (Moments in History) Paperback - August 15, 2010 Stranger things have happened, though not much stranger Why focus on processes and european security? The Cold War was an enduring global The end of the Cold War reflected this chain of causation, from ideological rivalry to European confrontation to global nuclear standoff The Cold War began after World War Two. The main enemies were the United States and the Soviet Union. The Cold War world was separated into three groups. The United States led the West. This group included countries with democratic political systems Why the Term Shouldn't Apply to Today's Great-Power Tensions. At its peak, the Cold War was a global system of countries centered on the United States and the Soviet Union. It did not determine everything that was going on in the world of international affairs, but it influenced most things The last war in the Cold War event is The Vietnam War ends which ended in 1975. The Vietnam War was the war between South Vietnam backed by the United The Vietnam War happened because the French could no longer Vietnam so that H o Chi Minh from North Vietnam built a communist country

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And why is NATO important? In fact, quite the opposite happened. Because the United States supplied the Allied forces with food, weapons, and military The Soviet Union, the Cold War, and Communism. But the United States wasn't the only emerging world power after the Second World War It appears to mean oak, but that doesn't explain why it's in all the covers war Why the cold war, originally centered in Europe, quickly widened and intensified to become a global confrontation The impact of the cold war Could the Cold War have been avoided? Fighting the Cold War Abroad: As the United States implemented a policy designed to contain communist.. The North Vietnamese eventually realized what was happening and started attacking the mountain base. First, they tried using aircraft to bomb the site. When those attempts failed, they marched across the border in force and surrounded the mountain The Cold War dominated international affairs for decades and caused major crises such as the The Cold War was to dominate international affairs for decades and many major crises occurred This never happened and any appearance that these two powers were friendly during the war is illusory

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The Cold War always involved measures by the United States and its allies directed against the Soviet Union and its bloc—military measures to deter, and if necessary to defend, against hostile pressures, incursions or attack; political and economic measures to strengthen the West and indeed other.. Cold War was the name given to the relationship between the USA and the USSR after World War II. But why is it called that way? Well, none of these: Cold war was named Cold War because there were no physical large-scale conflicts between the 2 parties involved

Study Flashcards On Why Did The Cold War Begin? at Cram.com. Quickly memorize the terms 4. What happened once Hitler was defeated in 1945? The alliance became increasingly uneasy. 5. What happened between 1943 to 1945? The Grand Alliance met at three international conferences Other Answers. The cold war happened singularly because of the ideological differences between The USSR and the USA, or Communism and... The Cold War was the geopolitical, ideological, and economic struggle between two world superpowers, the USA and the USSR that started in 1947 at.. Soviet influence in Eastern Europe waned. In 1989, every other communist state in the region replaced its government with a noncommunist one. In November of that year, the Berlin Wall–the most visible symbol of the decades-long Cold War–was finally destroyed, just over two years after Reagan had challenged the Soviet premier in a speech at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” By 1991, the Soviet Union itself had fallen apart. The Cold War was over. While the Cold War was largely a war of threats, there was plenty of real violence, too. The aggression between the U.S. and USSR spilled over into places like The tense standoff that characterized the Cold War ended when the USSR collapsed in 1991, becoming the Russian Federation The Cold War. Keynote address. William G. McGowan Theatre The National Archives and Record What I will try to do is something in between - an essay about this fascinating almost-half-century - not just what happened, but why The Cold War was called cold because the featured heavyweights..

It meant an end to nearly six years of a war that had cost the lives of millions; had destroyed homes, families, and cities; and had brought huge suffering and privations to the populations of entire countries The Cold War was not unique because it traversed the newly reformed borders of postwar Europe to encompass almost the entire world. Military campaigns from the First and Second World Wars had been waged outside the confines of Europe, most notably in the Pacific and the colonies of the British.. Many theories have been put forth over the years as to why wars happen, and some of the greatest minds have offered their take on the subject. Each power supports the side which best suits their logistical, military, and economic interests. Proxy wars were particularly common during the Cold War

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13 - Cold War, 1945-53. I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. Economies don't respond to political borders, which is why the European debt crisis of 2008-12 threatened America's recovery from the Great Recession and why.. Reproduced below are the principal passages from Winston Churchill's eagerly awaited broadcast speech of October 1st - this is a direct word for word copy as appeared in the War Illustrated World War II is known as the Great Patriotic War in Russia. Although Stalin tried to avert war with Germany by concluding the Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact in 1939, in 1941 Germany invaded the Soviet Union. The Red Army stopped the Nazi offensive at the Battle of Stalingrad in 1943 and drove.. War was the ultimate game in which the cards of international politics were played and estimates of relative power were proven.Over the centuries, as technologies evolved, the sources of power have shifted. Today, the foundations of power have been moving away from the emphasis on military force

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Person of Interest — Season 4 (Flashbacks in parentheses). 401 Panopticon. 409 The Devil You Know Cold War Review Project. The year is 1961 and President Dwight Eisenhower is fearful of the military industrial complex disrupting peace in the United States and the rest of the Mr. President is recruiting YOU and your colleagues to figure out why the Cold War happened and progressed as it did Traditional scholarship on the Cold War assigned a central but sharply circumscribed role to ideology. The writers of the 1950s drew on the official rationales that the Truman administration had used to explain the nature of the Cold War and the necessity for the American Cold War policy of containment

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