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Alt text allows you to input text to give a richer description of your photos and videos when you upload them to your Instagram account. Describe who and what is in the photo and what they are doing. You'll want to include details like colors, patterns, and descriptions of objects What is the plural of alt text? The use of Alt text objects such as shapes, pictures, SmartArt and movies is an additional feature in the updated version Lazy loading is a way to improve the loading speed of a page by loading images only when they are in the user’s view port. In other words, instead of loading all images at once, they are loaded individually as users scroll down a page.

Without including Alt text, users with vision impairment will fail to understand what is described in the image. The page is ranked higher if there is Alt text for images, besides Alt text greatly influences image searches. If your images has Alt text, it's very likely that they will be displayed in an image.. “Today we’re launching some changes on Google Images to help connect users and useful websites. This will include removing the View Image button. The Visit button remains, so users can see images in the context of the webpages they’re on. Add Alt Text to Images and Tables. Smartie Pants007. SEO for Images: How to Use Alt Text, Image Title, and File Name. Live Simple, Live Organic Getty Images took issue with this in 2016 and filed a complaint with the European Commission, claiming that Google was enabling image piracy while also stifling site traffic.

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Alternative text provides a textual alternative to non-text content in web pages. What would be the appropriate alt attribute for the image in Example 3? An empty alt attribute (style='max-width:90%' alt=) will suffice. Wikipedia entry for George Washington End the alt-text with a period. This will make screen readers pause a bit after the last word in the alt-text, which creates a more pleasant reading experience for the user.

What Are Alt Text Tags? Alt text is a short phrase that's used to identify images, typically on web pages. But as social media expands, alt text is You can add alt text to an image when it's uploaded to the site or edit or add it at a later date. Some sites (including some social media sites) may offer.. What Is Alt Text (And Why It's Important for SEO). You may know it as 'alt text', 'alt tags', 'alt attributes', or 'alt descriptions', but all of these terms refer to the same thing. Alt text is simply a short sentence that you add to each image within your website, to describe what it represents

Alt text is short for alternative text. It's a short textual description of the content of an image. People who are visually impaired can't view any images on a But alt text still has to accurately describe what the image contains. If the image can be legitimately described with keywords, by all means use them.. To take advantage of this for SEO purposes, make sure that your ALT text includes the SEO keywords (or closely related keywords), you want a page to rank for BUT without doing keyword stuffing. See the examples below on how to write good alt text. What Differs Between HTML and HTML5? Pros and Cons of HTML. How are HTML, CSS, and Hypertext means a text that contains references (links) to other texts that viewers can access The image tag also has two attributes: src for the image path and alt for the image description The alt text should adequately describe the element, and it should make sense to a visitor in the situation where the element isn't displayed. Don't use alt text to provide additional information about the element; this is what the title attribute (described below) is for. Although the alt attribute is required.. If you're using a Content Management System (like WordPress or similar) you can normally click on an image (once you've uploaded it to a web page), go into the image attributes and there'll be a space for Alt Text:

Alt text, or alternative text, is the actual description of an image on the internet. See this photo? It's a brown dog holding a bone and looking cute. It's automatic, yay! All images on Instagram are automatically scanned and assigned an alt text based on what's in the image What is anchor text? Does it influence search engine rankings? How do you optimize it for SEO? Yes, but anchor text (and image alt text) helps us quite a bit in understanding context, so I wouldn't leave it out if you can avoid it Images need alternative text (alt text) - this is often one of the first things designers and developers learn about accessibility. In order to write appropriate alt text, you need to understand who you're writing the alt text for and what the purpose of the image is

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Alternative text ( Alt Text ) is a word or we can say a phrase that can be inserted as an attribute in an HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) document or any web Page It is also known as alternative text or alt attribute. As you know you add the caption for readers to understand what is the image about If the menu button has no visual text label – which, by the way, is really bad for the user experience – then it needs an alt-text (or another way of describing its function in code, like aria-label). Explain the icon’s function, like “Menu”. Don’t write “Three horizontal lines” or “Main hamburger”, which sadly are real examples I’ve stumbled on.Data from the Pew Research Center indicates there were nearly 40 million citizens in the United States in 2015 with a disability. Millions of which likely require screen readers to consume content on the Internet.Why? Because changes made to your content by screen readers is done at the browser-level, and not directly inside your website’s code.

<img src="dog.png" style='max-width:90%' alt="Dog playing in meadow." />Most content management systems (CMS), like WordPress, let you create the alt-text when you upload an image: Alt text (aka alt tags or alternative text) is so important for image SEO! Here are some examples of how to do it right. Have you seen those scary text fields that show up every time you upload images to your website? What ARE those??? What's that image alt text box? 3. For the visually impaired – The visually impaired tend to use screen readers in order to browse web pages. These screen readers will identify and interpret what is being displayed on their screen. Alt text is needed to explain and describe to people using screen readers what is on your page. For this reason, it is important to convey contextual information that will explain the image in more detail.You should always have text labels next to icons. Assuming you do, the icon should not have an alt-text. Let me explain why!

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  1. In this article written by Google’s former Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt said, “At the time, [Lopez’s dress] was the most popular search query we had ever seen. But we had no surefire way of getting users exactly what they wanted: JLo wearing that dress. Google Image Search was born.”
  2. The alt text you entered is included whenever you export this InDesign file as an EPUB, HTML, or PDF document. However, it is not added to the metadata for the image file itself, so you'll need to re-enter it if you use the image in a different document
  3. Google uses alt text in the same way that the visually impaired use them — as a way to comprehend images because the algorithm cannot see nor cognitively understand images.
  4. Alt text display as an alternative text, the user can easily understand the purpose of the image. Therefore, an alternative text should be there for An alt text should be unique, short and relevant to the topic. It must not be very large, recommended maximum number of characters for an alt text is 125
  5. Because alt text, or alternative text, is the alternate text attribute of the image tag. This is where communication in the SEO world can get dicey Alternative text is used by screen readers for the blind to decipher what an image is about. It lets you specify an image description that is fed through..

What is alt text and title text in WordPress. Alt-text is also known as alternative text, alt attributes and alt descriptions. Image alt text is metadata for images (like meta descriptions and other meta tags) that works behind the scenes and hidden from website visitors ALT texts are everywhere. They are on every websites on the Internet. And now on Instagram. You might not “see it”, but it is very important and powerful. Alt text is the HTML alt attribute and it gives more information about the image. Image title is displayed as a popup when you hover your mouse on an image. Description of what is happening in the image, or what has happened, or what is going to happen must be written so that search engines can..

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  1. Keyword stuffing was a common tactic in the early days of SEO, and originally the image alt text field served as just another place to shove in as many keywords as possible to improve rankings. But Google was fully aware of this practice and released two algorithm changes to combat it: the infamous “Florida” and “Penguin” updates.
  2. Alt-texts are not always this bad, but there’s usually a lot to improve upon. So whether you are a complete beginner or want to take your “game” to the next level, here’s our ultimate guide to alt-texts!
  3. Alternative text (also called alt text) helps ensure people who are blind or visually impaired, or who may have other physical or cognitive disabilities can People who use assistive technology rely on the contents of the alt text to give them not just what the image contains, but any context for the image if..
  4. If you would write an alt text to the Facebook icon, a screen reader would say something along the line: “Facebook Facebook.” Very redundant!
  5. The ALT text is not a “copy and paste” of your Instagram caption. The ALT text is used to describe exactly what is on your photo.
  6. Alt text is designed to convey the meaning of a photo and should be succinct. Therefore, there can be multiple ways to write alt text for a single image. It depends on what you want to convey to others by using the image.For example, the alt text for the following image of a dog can be portrayed in several..
  7. That’s it for now. I hope you found this article useful. If you have other tips to share with everyone, please don’t hesitate to write them in the comments.

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Include alternative text for images, drawings, and other graphics. Otherwise, screen reader users just hear image. Some images automatically include alt text, so it's a good idea to verify that this automatic alt text is what you want. Add or edit alt text. Select an image, drawing, or graphic One of the few times you should write long alt-texts is when you’re describing an image containing important text. Ideally, you should not have images of text, but sometimes you need to. Like on some screenshots or photos of signs.Please don't abuse Alt Text as it will make your website less useful for those with poor eyesight and will probably result in Google considering your site as a bit spammy, which may result in a loss of ranking and a loss of traffic.

Note: The ALT text maximum character limit is 100 characters. It is strongly recommended that alt text be 125 characters or less to ensure compatibility for popular screen readers. To put it simply, image alt text is a word or phrase that best describes what is on it. You know that time when the internet wasn't that fast and took forever to load? Whatever images website would contain, instead of it you would get a blank box, not knowing what it is

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ALT text is commonly omitted from web pages, from the smallest personal pages to the largest web corporate sites. Among other things, ALT text can: * provide further detail for an image or the destination of a hyperlinked image The longer your alt text, the more difficult it is be to read for text browsers. It can be tempting to write long sentences of alt text (a common keyword-stuffing practice that can incur The main purpose of the alt tag is not to boost SEO value, but to display intelligent text that explains what the image is Alternative Text, aka Alt Text or Alt Tag or Alt Attribute, describes the non-text content uploaded on your websites. For example: Images or photographs. style='max-width:90%' alt=Silhouette of a Boat on a Lake. As you can see, the alt text describes what this image is. In WordPress, when you upload an image, you just..

<a href="...">   <img src="fb_icon.png" style='max-width:90%' alt="" />   Facebook </a>Another common mistake with icons is on menu buttons:Especially in cases of common images, the alt text can increase your chances of ranking high for long tail keywords in Google image search.

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Alt text is never applied to readable text. Readable text can obviously be seen or read. You will have no way of applying Alt text to an image that you upload Thus, if you can combine all those watchers and purchases into one listing, the search improvement far exceeds what you would enjoy on any one.. Examples of alt text descriptions. Alt text should answer this question: What is the content conveyed by the image? The content of the image is not simply a description of the surface features of the image or graphic. Instead, describe what additional content the graphic contains. What information do you.. On May 5, 1999, W3C published its Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (WCAG). The purpose was to explain how to make content more accessible for disabled Internet users and encourage developers to promote accessibility.

The alt text is not shown when a page is viewed in the browser but it becomes visible when an image cannot be loaded. The Alt Text trope as used in popular culture. Text that shows up as a tooltip when you hover the mouse cursor over an image — or other elements on a The Adventures of Dr. McNinja has done this since the So What Is a McNinja issue, mostly for another joke or some commentary on the strip Many interfaces have a field for adding title-texts to images close to where you can add an alt-text. Skip the title text! Nobody uses them – they don’t work on touch screens and on desktop they require that the user hovers for a while over an image, which nobody does. Also, adding a title-text makes some screen readers both read the title-text and the alt-text, which becomes redundant. So just don’t add a title-text. Traditionally, Alt text is what allows users with vision-impairments to understand what the image or visual is on their screen. Custom alt text on influencer images can be mutually beneficial as it may bring additional eyes to both your product and the influencers account

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  1. Alt text can be read by screen readers, and helps people who are blind or who have low vision understand what images and other objects are in a document. You can add alt text to objects, such as pictures, clip art, charts, tables, shapes, SmartArt, embedded objects, and audio or video objects
  2. Fun fact: a green Versace dress worn by Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy awards was the catalyst for Google innovating its image search.
  3. Search engine crawlers read the alt text value and screen readers use it to ‘describe’ the image to users who cannot see.
  4. It’s just one little extra step before we press the “Share” button on Instagram. We try our best to add an ALT text on our new post.
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All known entity references are getting replaced by the text they represent. So & is getting replaced by & that is then replaced by the If you're writing an XHTML document, it's not a case of how to make your alt-text more screenreader friendly - you must replace your bare ampersands with.. This post contains everything you need to know about alt-texts! When to use them and how to perfectly craft them. By me, Daniel, a web developer with vision impairment who use a screen reader in my day-to-day life. Image alt text describes the image textually so that search engines and screen readers (software used by the visually impaired) can understand what This is what a complete, properly optimized image tag should look like for an image like this: <img src=red-outdoor-sweater.jpg style='max-width:90%' alt= Men's long sleeve red..

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If you’ve used WordPress, you may have noticed that adding any new media prompts a dialog box with a field for incorporating new alt text. Alt-text is ordinarily avoided where it is redundant. If the meaning and purpose of an image is contained within the surrounding text, then there is no need to make screen reader users listen to the same information The alternative text should only be for conveying what is shown in the chart for all users Spoiler alert — they certainly do. Below, we take a look at why, and how you should take advantage of them. What is Alt Text and Image Title. Alt text or alternate text is an attribute added to an image tag in HTML. This text appears inside the image container when the image can not be displayed

1. If images fails to load – If for any reason an image does not render on a web page, the alt tag will display in place. This means visitors to that web page understand what image should be there even though they are unable to see it.When in doubt, always include an alt tag on your images because they help visually impaired people engage with your site. As for SEO, it doesn’t hurt to throw in a few keywords as an added boost to your page relevance or to create more traffic opportunities through Google Images.2. It helps the Instagram algorithm understand what is on your photo. Instagram has been using an image recognition technology to “see” what is on your photo. This technology helps Instagram show your post to more people who like your kind of content. This is awesome to make sure your posts are seen by people who actually care about what you post (and not random people on Instagram). Now with ALT text, the algorithm can become even more powerful and useful to help you grow your account in a natural way.

If this image was featured in an article about photography, the alt-text could be something along the lines of: Alt text tells people what is in an image, such as text or basic essential details. If an image fails to load, alt text will display in its place. Search engines also index alt text information and consider it a factor when determining search engine ratings What text you should use for the alt attribute depends on the type of image and is explained below, but you always include either style='max-width:90%' alt= (empty alt text) or alt So if you have a link image then the alt text should tell the user what the link does. If it's a link to another page then it could be the name of that.. Alt keyboard shortcuts and what can the Alt key do? Alt is most often used to in a key combination to perform certain actions such as accessing the 2. Alt may also be used to describe the alternate text used to describe an image in HTML. For example, with the below img tag the alt attribute is describing..

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Alternative text (or Alt text) is mainly used by screen readers for the blind to decipher what an image is about. It lets you specify an image description that is fed through an audio-based prompter that tells blind people what is currently on the page as they are scrolling through the page. According to W3C.. What Is Alt Text? Alt text (short for alternative text) is the text that a screen reader will read out loud when an image, graphic or table is encountered on the page

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Alt text, or alternative text, is a short description of an image in your campaign that displays when subscribers are unable to access your images. Alt text helps your subscribers understand what value an image adds to your overall message, or lets them know that an image is decorative and can.. Reading the previous section, you might be thinking to yourself: “I, as a sighted user, can see many details in the image, like who it is, how it’s photographed, type of jacket, approximate age of the guy and more. Why not write a detailed, long alt-text so a user with visual impairment gets as much information as I do?”A: No, because their impact on rankings isn’t great enough to significantly affect your rankings unless your website is image-focused. ALT text is absolutely required by HTML standards. And, if you run your page through w3c validator like you did earlier, you′ ll see that it just won′ t let you go without ALT texts. The ALT text will tell everyone what′ s on the image, no matter how people view your site What purpose do alt tags serve? Search engines and other robots cannot interpret images, but images can play a crucial part in how people interpret a particular The text should be kept short to maximize its impact. Shorter alt texts are also more likely to be indexed by Google and the other major online..

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Alternative text (also called alt text) helps ensure people who are blind or visually impaired, or who may have other physical or cognitive disabilities can People who use assistive technology rely on the contents of the alt text to give them not just what the image contains, but any context for the image if.. What is alt text? Alternative text is called a variety of names, and is accessed differently depending on the social media tool and the device you're using (see Where, oh where is alt text? below) Alt text is a great place to include your main keyword to improve your image search ranking for that term. However, it is important to use appropriate text that actually describes your image. You should not include keywords if they are not relevant to the image being displayed, and if it doesn’t describe the image. If you do this, it could do more harm than good and negatively affect your website’s SEO.I use a combination of magnification and screen reader when surfing the web. As a rule of thumb, I use magnification on larger screens and a screen reader on smaller devices.

I’ve mentioned above that you should use your keywords without crossing the line and start doing keyword stuffing. Alt image text or alternative image text, in plain language, is the text that shows up when someone can't view the image due to the settings on their They are missing out on your good stuff and you are missing out on their support. Here is what alt text can look like. This is our All-Access Pass Holders.. Jonathan Bentz is a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at Direct Online Marketing. Jonathan is a 15-year SEO veteran and holds a Journalism Degree from West Virginia University. He contributes to Business.com, Business2Community.com, and G2. Jonathan sits on a board for a West Virginia program that aims to build the state’s first all-inclusive playground.A: Yes, because it is an easy opportunity to improve accessibility and user experience. Optimizing images with alt text will provide greater relevance to search engines about your content and help drive traffic to your site.Search engines use hundreds of factors to judge how relevant a web page is for users. One of those factors is the image alt text, and with the changes to Google Image Search through the years, websites have the potential to drive serious traffic through the use of good image SEO.

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Google has historically been pretty bad at seeing images, so it has relied on Alt Text to get a deeper understanding of what is on a page. Knowing this, you can exploit Alt Text a little by using images on your page that are of the product or service you want to sell and using the phrase you want the page to rank for in the Alt Text of any images on that page. You can read more about optimising your site for search engine's on this page here.…For those asking, yes, these changes came about in part due to our settlement with Getty Images this week. They are designed to strike a balance between serving user needs and publisher concerns, both stakeholders we value.” Additionally, alt text can be useful to everyone in instances of poor Internet service, or your CDN of choice having a service hiccup (or attack), and For example, if the image is an icon of a phone and part of a contact link, the alt could be empty as the text of the link indicates what the icon represents If the image is on a website about a TV-series, an appropriate alt-text could be completely different: The alternative text (alt) attribute provides a text-only description of an image. Using the image for the Motive logo as an example Adding alt text gives a computer program another way of figuring-out what is in the image. <img src=DSC_6400.JPG style='max-width:90%' alt=coffee cup />

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So for an ideal user experience, leave the alt-text blank for images that are used repeatedly in feeds.One thing you can do is end the alt-text by stating if it’s a special type of image, like an illustration.Independent research backs up why this matters. According to research published by Jumpshot and SparkToro, Google Image Search was responsible for over 22% of all internet searches done in 2018… and 3% of all Google search clicks.It’s important to note that what we’re referring to in this post is not technically an “alt tag.” While most website owners and SEO professionals understand what someone means when referring to an alt tag, the correct terminology is alt text or alt attribute.Alex Chris - Digital Marketing Consultant and author. Alex has more than 18 years of practical experience with SEO and Digital Marketing. Connect with him on Twitter.

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ALT text or ALT attribute (sometimes incorrectly used as ALT tag) is the important text of the image, that is understandable by Google and other search The title text is usually more descriptive than the ALT text, and it describes mostly what is unclear at first glance. Users, unlike search engines, can.. Alt text is the alternative text used by text browsers and other Web user agents that can't view images. It is also one of the only attributes required by the imagetag. By writing effective alt text you insure that your Web pages are accessible, and.. What is Alt Text. 1. Alternative text, text that accompanies an image to describe its informational contents. Learn more in: Staying Legal and Ethical in Global E-Learning Course and Training Full text search our database of 136,000 titles for Alt Text to find related research papers

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Alt Text (also known as alternative text or alt attribute) is text that accurately describes an image. It is added to the <img> tag in the HTML of a page. Instagram Alt Text is one of Instagram's most useful, but perhaps most overlooked features. What should you write in your Alt Text and how can you make sure it's serving well both the users and the algorithm? Giving that Instagram Alt Text is limited to 100 characters only, you have to keep it short.. OK, this is technically not about alt-texts but still important: make sure both the icon and the link text are in the same link-attribute, to get a smooth experience. Like this: HTML alt (uncountable). (music) High pitch, of a voice or instrument; especially, the octave above the top line of the treble stave. [from 16th c.] 1762, George Colman, The Musical Lady: Sop[hy] Moderato! moderato! Madam. Your Ladyship's absolutely in alt. / L[ady] Scr[ape] In alt! Madam?

11.12.2017 · What is alt text? The alt attribute is a picture description consisting of several words, read by the web crawler when page is indexed. If user has disabled the graphics support function in the browser, then the contents of the tag will be displayed instead of the picture Alt text is an alternative bit of information for an image or multi media part of your site. For instance if you're using anchor text of click here versus say read more about XYZ gears, then Googles going to have a better idea of what to do with that and your page is likely going to rank higher Text alternatives (alt text) convey the purpose of an image, including pictures, illustrations, charts, etc. Text alternatives are used by people who do One way to help think about appropriate alt text is: if you were helping someone read and interact with the web page and they cannot see it, what would.. Google has gotten quite good at determining the value and relevance of content for its users. As good as it is, the fact is that Google is still a machine and needs help from humans to understand visual elements. ALT codes with leading zeroes (ALT 0nnn) produce characters & symbols based on Windows Code Page 1252. ALT codes in red are associated with non-printable and non-displayable control characters. Control character - start of text (STX). U+0002

Alt text helps them consider what's in the image and how it relates to the text around it. This nets you the best of both worlds with clear textual descriptions of images for visitors who can't view them, while also getting your site some of that sweet, sweet SEO juice In the above example, a Google search for “sales strategy” yields an answer snippet from the top organic listing. However, the supplementary image provided in the snippet is also an image from the top-ranking website. Text-based user agents such as Lynx, or browsers that allow users to disable images, will also typically use the src attribute in the absence of the alt What about that photo of the corporate headquarters then? It's decorative, but not in the same way as a fleuron or a border. It may not be an inspiring.. With all of the buzz following Google’s redesign of their image search UI in February 2018, alt text for images SEO is back with a vengeance. The alt text within the ALT tag should let the user know what an image's content and purpose are. Alt text is accessed by screen reader users to provide The Image Alt text is generally considered as an alternate text for an image, which provides a textual alternative to the web crawlers to index the web..

The alt text is an attribute added to an image's HTML that describes what appears in the image. Adding optimized alt text to your images makes your blog more accessible for the visually impaired and also gives your blog an SEO boost When you write your ALT text, think about the person who needs it and the algorithm who reads it too.Don’t always use your main keywords but use semantic related keywords – Many times it’s difficult to have the main keyword in the alt text, a good alternative is to use related keywords.In July 2001, Google launched its new image search feature with roughly 250 million images indexed at the time. Just four years later, the number of indexed images had grown to one billion.

2. For Search Engines – Search engines, such as Google and Bing regularly crawl web pages. It is easy for them to understand text copy on a page, however, images are difficult to read. This is where alt text comes to play. Alt text is used to describe to search engines what the image is showing, allowing search engines to give users better results when performing an image search.Before 2000, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) community – the folks responsible for developing universal standards for the web – wanted to make the web more accessible for everyone. This meant figuring out how to improve online experiences for people with disabilities and visual impairments.

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Alt text (or alternative text) is used within HTML code to describe the image or what it represents. The primary purpose of alt text is to describe visual elements to those who cannot see them; including sight-impaired users and users whose browsers or screen readers block images Helpwiki » Accessibility » Alt Text and Captioning. Why and Where to Provide Alt Text in your Web-based Content. Alt Text (or Alternative Text) is a brief text-based description of media content for people who are using screen readers so they can have an understanding of, and context for.. Because it’s not often Google overturns UI updates like this. However, that change meant that image SEO could make a comeback as a traffic generation strategy for digital marketers.A: Writing alt text is a high priority whenever you upload an image to your site. Consider making this a standard practice because alt text is relatively simple to implement and stands to impact your SEO for a long time. Alternate text, also known as Alt text, or alt descriptions are used to describe the appearance and function of an image. Here's why we describe our Let's take a look at what makes bad alternate text and what makes for meaningful descriptions. We add images to increase the beauty of our content..

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<img src="dog.svg" style='max-width:90%' alt="Dog rolling on gras." />Using an svg-tag. If you use this method, you can’t add an alt-attribute because there’s no support for that. However you can get around this by adding two wai-aria attributes: role=”img” and aria-label=”<the alt-text>.Actually, for the second case, you’re supposed to be able to add your alt-text as a title-element in the svg, but there is not enough support for that from browsers and assistive technologies at the moment. Requirements for providing text to act as an alternative for images. General guidelines. A link or button containing nothing but the image. A phrase or paragraph with an alternative graphical representation: charts, diagrams, graphs, maps, illustrations If you’ve built a website and started to learn about SEO, you are probably familiar with the term alt text. Put simply, alt text (also referred to as alternative text or alt tags) are used to describe the images on your web page.

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Alt text or alternative text is also known as alt descriptions or alt attributes. However, you may have come across people using the incorrect term alt tags as well. It's a short HTML attribute that is a description of about 100 characters that you assign to the images on your web page to describe what.. What is ALT text? ALT text is the copy that appears when an image fails to display. When does ALT text display instead of your images? The ISP or mail provider disables images by default (as long as they also support ALT text)

Put simply, 'Alt Text' means 'Alternative text for images'. It is an attribute you can (and REALLY SHOULD) apply to any image on your website. Google has historically been pretty bad at seeing images, so it has relied on Alt Text to get a deeper understanding of what is on a page Images are an important asset for all webpages. They make a page easier to read, more visually attractive and they help in presenting a topic better. Having a good alt attribute to all your images, improves the accessibility of a site and also helps SEO both for image search and web search. Alternative text (alt text) is descriptive text which conveys the meaning and context of a visual item in a digital setting, such as on an app or web page. The alt text shouldn't be longer than a sentence or two—most of the time a few thoughtfully selected words will do. Consider what is important about an..

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